Auroa® - 2 Seat Turbine Powered Helicopters

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red auroa helicopter
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Our 3 prototype craft completed 130 hours of flying time in 2011 and in themselves were something special. Now it’s time for the real deal.

With its best-of-breed engine control system and carbon fibre body the all new Auroa is attracting attention for it’s potential with recreational and commuter flying, and flight instruction.

The world’s roomiest 2 seat helicopter, with the largest payload, and longest endurance.

We set out to develop a new craft with quality, safety, strength, performance and style and we’re delighted to introduce to you the Auroa, 2 seat, 160HP turbine powered helicopter.

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Did you know...

Each Auroa helicopter is fully assembled and every sale/purchase includes up to 2 hours transition training for suitably licensed pilots, Basic Gas Turbine Training and a half day’s maintenance training.

Expressions of Interest..

If you are interested in owning an Auroa helicopter, or becoming a distributor, please contact us and we will be in touch shortly. Thank you for your interest.